As cliché as it sounds, photography found me.
I was asked to take a few photos for a friend and from there, word spread. I've been growing and exploring what being a photog means to me ever since! However, it wasn't until I gave birth to my first son that I truly found my passion...

• m o t h e r h o o d •
The birth of a mother is a wonderful, beautiful thing.

 It was my personal journey into motherhood that sparked a true love behind my drive. After struggling for years with infertility, multiple losses and surgeries... I knew from the second I held my eldest in my arms that these were the moments I wanted to turn into forever. I've gladly walked away from every calling I ever thought I had before I felt the vibration of my son's cries on my chest. If I never sing, never speak a scripted word, or take another photograph in my entire life, I am 100% fulfilled in my role as a mother. From this epiphany stemmed a deeper appreciation for the work I do and the purpose behind it.

Passion, greatest love, rawness, realness, pure emotion and all of life's greatest wonders are the desires of my little photog heart! 

Like me, everyone has a their own unique story and I aspire to share that story with the utmost authenticity. While the beauty of motherhood, adventures, love stories and munchkins are my focus, I do not put any restrictions on the type of photography services I offer. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life.

If you're the type who enjoys a little adventure and wants to capture raw and perfectly imperfect moments, than you're in the right place! If you have any questions or are ready to book a session, feel free to contact me by clicking the button below.

Thank you❤