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Capture the emotion and relationship.
The silliness and laughter. The rawness and realness.
Capture a second and turn it into forever...
— Mika

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In life we tend to count minutes, money and miles but we fail to count the moments.

Our most cherished moments are fleeting, often collected into distant memories that fade away with time. Like smelling the scent of a flower that used to grow near your childhood home or tasting a food that you used to binge on with your best friend… soulful storytelling is a beautiful way to bring us immediately back to a specific moment in time. Through authentic interactions, unposed movement and an eye for meaningful detail I help you elicit the very emotion you want to hold onto forever.

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I'm Mika, I am the wife to my greatest love and mama to my greatest wonders...

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Mika is patient, kind and has extraordinary talent. All of this combined with her ability to capture the perfect angles of all of her subjects make for unique, captivating and flawless photographs to cherish for a lifetime. I have been awed by all of her work in the past. Now I can personally attest to her talent after using her with my three young children. Brilliant-she is brilliant.
— Jenn
I am in love with the Newborn shoot that Mika did for us. They came out perfect! Not only was she extra patient with my baby, she was so good with my special needs son. Getting him to participate can be very difficult and she hung in there with a smile. Thank You, Mika! I can’t wait to see how our Christmas photos turned out.
— Erin

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